Annie Mondegreen


Annie Mondegreen
I'm not a poet. I'm not a singer. I'm not a guitar player. I don't these things in isolation, I only do them together: I'm a singer-songwriter and (armchair) traveling musician. I sing and play the guitar to perform my own original music. I'm an independent musician and I love the immediacy of a live performance, whether that's a studio recording or my musical postcards filmed around the globe.
I'm also a podcast host. Imagine a call-in radio show about music that's both entertaining and educating, that expands your appreciation for music's emotional side and the musical side of emotions. Find Catch 33 1/3 - Feel Your Way Through Music" wherever you listen to podcasts. You may leave me a voicemail on Speakpipe to be featured on the show.
And I'm reading around the world in 18 Sleuths. I combine reading crime fiction with other forms of armchair traveling, for instance, with listening through the respective countries' music histories. I started doing live listening parties on Instagram to highlight my favorite musical discoveries from each country. These are archived in my (password protected) backstage area. Subscribe to my newsletter to go backstage and become part of this journey.


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